Terms and Conditions

Hire Charges:

Are subject to change without notice. Current pricing should be confirmed at time of booking, and once a deposit is paid, the price will be held firm.

Multiple Hirings:

A deposit is required for each boat and river cottage booked.


At least one person per group must be over the age of 18 years.


The cancellation policy outlined is widely accepted by the Houseboats Hires Association and members reserve the right to specify individual cancellation policies.

Please be aware that the booking deposit in non-refundable, however this deposit may be transferable at the discretion of management.

1. Cancellations notified more than 90 days prior to departure will be entitled to a full refund of moneys paid less an administration fee of 10% of the deposit.

2. Cancellations notified less than 90 days and more than 45 days prior to departure will forfeit all moneys paid unless the houseboat can be re-booked for its full hire fee, in which case, all moneys paid will be refunded less an administration fee of 15% of the deposit.

3. Cancellations notified less than 45 days prior to departure will forfeit all moneys paid unless the houseboat can be re-booked for its full hire fee, in which case, all moneys paid will be refunded less an administration fee of 20% of the deposit.

AirBnB have their own policy for cancellation.

COVID-19 Travel Ban Cancellations

In the event of the government enforcing lockdown and travel bans in place after you have booked, we would like to offer you a travel credit to use at your convenience and hold the same price for re-booking at a future date once the travel bans have been lifted.

The travel credit can be upgraded for a longer hire period or different Houseboat or River Cottage at an additional cost.

The travel credit is valid 18 months from month of travel restrictions lifted.

The credit is not to be redeemed in the December-January school holidays unless the original booking was within this period.

In very special circumstances the owners may discuss a refund entirely at their discretion. Such a refund will always include a cancellation fee of 10% of the deposit.

This is an offer made in good faith and is offered entirely at our discretion.

For non-Covid related cancellations, please refer to our normal cancellation policy.

Please note: Travel Insurance is recommended to cover any unforeseen circumstances or losses.


All boats are fully insured under a Marine Policy And Airbnb bookings are under the AirBnB policy. The limit of the Hirer's liability (provided the terms of the Hire Contract are kept) is the Security Bond.

Hire Time:

Weekend hires from 10:00am Fri and end 3:00pm Sunday. Weekly hires are Monday to Thursday. Out of package hires may be negotiated at the owners discretion.

Firearms & Pets:

Are not permitted on board or in the river cottages.

The Letting:

The letting is made on the understanding that the boat and river cottage is placed at the disposal of the hirer on the date booked unless the management is prevented from doing so by mechanical breakdown or unforeseen circumstances such as catastrophic weather conditions. In this case all monies paid will be refunded in full if another suitable boat is not agreed to. However, the hirer shall have no claim on any account, against the management.


The applicable deposit is required to confirm your booking. A Security Bond is required on departure. Bond is refundable within 5 days of the completion of the hire unless there is damage to the boat or equipment, or extra cleaning is deemed necessary. Service Fuel Charge to be paid on return of boat.

Once bookings are confirmed, deposits are not refundable. Be absolutely sure of your date and booking times before paying your deposit.

Whilst you are using our asset:

There will be a nominated captain/house manager from your group of hirers. This person must have their given mobile on at all times as they company may contact this person in an emergency such as catastrophic weather conditions predicted. In such a situation, the company has the right to delay departure of hirers due to safety concerns. This person is also responsiible for maintaining all rules and regulations relating to the hirer of the boat or river cottage.